Adding Multiple Addresses for Customers


This is a common question we get asked quite often. Sometimes you’ll have a client that has a main office, then several different locations that they operate out of.

One of the newest features we have implemented in to iManage is multiple addresses per customer. After adding all the addresses you use for your customer, the system will be able to automatically detect the location of an engineer (when on-site) from the location tracker and look up the address against your iManage database. This is all done in the background, you don’t even need to re-enter an address on the job sheet!

To add a new address to one of your customers, follow these steps:

– Login to your iManage Web Portal

– Click the Customers Button (Alternatively you can search for your customer)

– Find your customer and select the drop-down field and choose Profile

– Scroll down to the Addresses tab and click the Add button

– Fill in all the relevant information and click the Create New Address button

Now that this new address has been added, when job sheets are submitted on-site the address is attached to the Job Sheet

Note: The billing address is set at the top of the customer profile page, this is where all quotes and invoices will be addressed to.

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