Creating New Users


A question we have been getting quite frequently is how to add new users to iManage. We’ve made this as easy as possible, and I’ll detail how to do this in the steps below.

First of all you’ll need to make sure you have enough licences to allow for the new user, if you don’t you can easily add another licence via the licences option under your iManage Settings.

Setting up a new user:
Before you download the app off the app store, your new user will need to be created to enable you to login to your device.

– Login to the web portal
– Go to Settings>Users
– Click the Add New User button
– Fill out the new users details
– Click Create New User at the bottom

And that’s it! One brand new user now able to login to iManage on their device.

Be sure to go back to Settings>Users and click the screwdriver icon to adjust the new users permissions if you want to limit what they have access to.

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