Paperwork is the bane of a business owner’s life

especially for service and repair companies, but it’s essential. Or is it? We don’t think so..

A cloud-based business management system, the Onsite Pro app enables you to quickly and easily issue quotes to customers, create and assign jobs to your mobile staff, post orders, job requests, invoices and job sheets from the comfort of your own desk, straight to your engineers’ iOS/Android devices. Saving you time, money and hassle, it makes your life a whole lot easier.  

Developed in 2012 and still owned by John Bryan, a former business owner who was tired of the endless stream of job sheets, invoices and order forms that inevitably and unavoidably came hand in hand with running a service and repair company, he was sure there must be an easier way of doing things. After detailed research and development he came up with a pioneering way to make job and workforce management simpler, more streamlined and much more efficient. Onsite Pro was born, and has been saving companies £1000s ever since.  

What does Onsite Pro do? 

It does everything you need to manage your workload and workforce;

  • Live push jobs instantly
  • Track engineers
  • Quote and invoice jobs
  • Provide proof that customers have read invoices
  • Manage credit control
  • Keep track of parts used or required

Will you find a Job Sheet App like ours useful? 

If you need to send engineers out into the field, then yes. It’s currently used by electricians, plumbers, kitchen fitters, heating engineers, gas fitters, builders, decorators, mechanics and HVAC installers, making their businesses more efficient and their working day easier.  Whatever your business does, Onsite Pro can help you too. 

Engineers no longer have to waste time coming into the office to collect their job schedule. Onsite Pro allows you to send them out on a job directly via the app. Then, keep track of their location and progress as they record their activity, order parts, record timings and collect the customer’s sign off on their mobile device, which is then sent directly to you. 

The benefits of Onsite Pro are considerable: 

  • Significantly increase efficiency
  • Low monthly cost
  • Improved business and data management
  • Developed and supported in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England
  • Create and assign jobs easily to a specific group or single engineer from your desk
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

So if you like the idea of saying goodbye to endless paperwork, customers denying receipt of an invoice, missing job sheets or confusion as to who is meant to be working on which job, then look no further than Onsite Pro, a pioneer of mobile business management, designed specifically for small trade-related businesses. It could be the best move you ever made.